Kite making workshop

‘When we fly a kite up high we feel free.’

Kites are hugely popular in many of Brazil’s suburbs, where they are made using inexpensive materials and are easily flown in the breezy, coastal skies. But instead of leisurely trying to keep their home-made creations afloat, flyers engage in competitive ‘kite fights’ with the aim of cutting their opponent’s line with their own.

While the sport pits rooftop against rooftop and neighbourhood against neighbourhood, its overall effect is to bring people in the periphery together around a tradition that is all about fun and freedom, above all else.

This workshop invites participants to fly kites in Limerick’s People’s Park with choreographer Thais de Menezes.

Through this workshop, she will explore the expressive, aesthetic and social potential of kite-making culture, an art form that fills the Brazilian skies with colour and art, and bring this experience to the centre of Limerick City. It will be an experience that transforms perception through imagination, creativeness and art.

This workshop is open to children, teenagers, and adults.

Venue: People’s Park; however, in case of rain, it will NOT happen. So, you can take place in any other workshop.